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Roof Insulation

Puzzling out how to keep your Home, Buildings & Factories as Cool as Possible during these "Heat Spell", "Hot Summer" months?

Are windows on the North side of the house left closed or open during the day?

Are you Suffering through these Hot Weather without air conditioning? Although handy, air conditioning energy bill is Expensive and not by any means necessary to stay cool and comfortable in your Homes and Businesses during the Warm, Hot and Heat months. 

Efficent Cooling Method Saves Money, Energy and the Quality of Your Enviroment and Lives. See More

Roof insulation is a construction practice wherein a structure in your home is added, modified, or enhanced to either absorb or hinder heat from entering your home. The application of heat-resistant and heat-absorbent paint can help lessen the high temperatures in your home.  

In addition to temperature management, this practice will help you save money. The initial cost may be higher due to the purchase of quality paint and application. In the long run though, it will cut your expenditures such as your utility bills and roof maintenance costs. There’s no need to replace the paint and is warranty against fading, peeling & cracking. 

ThermoShield Cool Roof Coat is one of the best coat to use for roof insulation. It is non-toxic.  

Cool Roof

ThermoShield Roof Coat has more than just heat resistance. It has high water resistance as well. In fact, it can endure ponding in your roof. Ponding is more common to flat roofs so more paint is needed than in other roof shapes. 

Roof insulation also benefits the community. By reducing the use of equipment to cool a home, you are lessening the amount of heat generated by the equipment.  

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